Obvious Signs of Termite Damage and Infestation

When a termite finds wood that is a food source, they inhabit the wood and will expand their colony through rim joists, seal plates and floor joists.  They may enter your home through exterior stem walls on the exterior or internally through cinder blocks or floor supports for the structure of your home. This is the result of an invasion possibly through cinder blocks.  


Termites at a Closer Look

These are the inhabitants of a mud run that lead to devastation of your home.  There coul dbe up to 600,00 termites in a colony, all of which have to eat daily!  Your home is the food source.  


The Damage Results Without Early Recognization

These are the results that lead to the destruction of the structural integrity of your home over the years without proper detection. The amount of repairs and costs will be substantially more than early detection and treatment.