About Ants


Ants are commonly found in our kitchens and laundry rooms.  They will come in during drought and heat, seeking food and water.  


Food Attraction

Ants will always find a source of nectar or sugar that is on our counters.  We may not think that we have left behind traces of sugar or food after cleaning, but the minor traces of food that we have left behind are substantial to an ant colony.  


Prevention of Ants

Thorough cleaning of counter tops and cleaning of all dishes will help with the prevention of ants. Keeping wet places dry and leaving no food crumbs on counters or floors will also help in the prevention of ants.  Keeping foliage away from any siding or keep from touching the home will limit the amount of ants that can travel up branches and leaves to enter your home.  Running your dishwasher regularly will also eliminate the food source for ants.  


Common Types of Ants