Treat all animals with quality flea treatments from a qualified vet. Fleas have adapted to most of the big box store flea treatment items. The vet will let you know what works and assist you in purchasing the proper effective choice.

Wash all bedding for the pets along with any blankets placed for them to lay on in kennel, cages, beds and couches etc.

Wash all bedding on the beds or throw blankets that you sleep on as well due to fleas being on your clothes and able to jump.

Make all closet floors accessible to treat with our spray. We spray the whole home to maximize our treatment and the results desired.

The occupants will need to vacuum daily and empty and dispose of the bag or empty the canister in the dumpster after vacuuming.

Do not mop for 5 days. Spot cleaning may be necessary and will be fine.

Fleas may hatch out and will be smaller than you have been seeing which will require a second treatment. The eggs that they are in are not accessible to spray due to the location that they were laid in. This is a normal part of flea eradication.

The treatment is pet and human friendly but you will be required to remove the pet and humans while treatment is being performed for at least 2 hrs. Sorry for the inconvenience but the safety of you and your pets is one of our top priorities. 

Accurate Pest Control May Refuse To Treat the home if we feel the treatment will not be effective due to areas being not prepared! Your cooperation is required and appreciated in the steps to make your home comfortable!

We are available if you have any question regarding the steps prior to treatment and any questions regarding this treatment. Please give us a call if any questions should arise.