Roach Protocols


Empty all cabinets and place all food and pots, silverware, pans, cups, spices ,dishes etc. on a table or a place that will allow full treatment of the cabinets. After treatment inspect the food and other items and replace them in the cabinets.

Clean all counter tops off and wipe them down to a clean status. Do not clean the back splashes until the roaches are gone. This is a roach travel place and they need to go through the chemical to be eradicated.

We will need access under all sinks as well due to the moisture and pipe accesses that are located in there. Again do not wash the sink back splashes like mentioned above.

Remove your items such as tooth brushes, floss, picks or any other items that may enter your mouth for your own safety.

All base boards in the home must be available to be sprayed. Closets, pantry, and laundry room included with the rest of the home.

Since roaches are egg layers there might be a need to respray the home due to eggs will be laid in unreachable locations to the applicator. This is normal in roach eradication. You will be required to prepare the apartment in the same manor if necessary.

Keeping your home clean and free from food particles is the best approach to making it roach free. 

Clean your counter tops, wash the dishes as soon as the meal is over and take your trash out.

Roaches may be brought in in cardboard boxes or from the neighbor who does not follow the mentioned items above. After being treated please help us to remove any of the mentioned items that will help them remain in your home down the road.

The treatment is human and pet friendly and you may remain in the home while it is being performed. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

Accurate Pest Control May Refuse To Treat the home if we feel the treatment will not be effective due to areas being not prepared! Your cooperation is required and appreciated in the steps to make your home comfortable!

We are available if you have any question regarding the steps prior to treatment and any questions regarding this treatment. Please give us a call if any questions should arise.