Day 1:  De-clutter. Bed bugs can hide anywhere! Clutter provides these tiny creatures with a place to hide. If you do not clear the clutter before you begin, you will drive the bugs in to the clutter, creating a bigger problem.

Day 2: Start in the bedroom, move to living areas, and tackle closets. Pull all furniture away from walls.

Remove bedding. Wash the following items, and dry on high heat: sheets, pillowcases, blankets, bed skirts and other linens. Remove curtains. Empty dressers. Wash ALL clothes, bedding, curtains, and blankets, and dry on high. Place clothes in clean containers or trash bags until treatment is final. Take apart bed frame.

Use a wire brush to scrub any areas you suspect bed bugs and eggs. This might damage your furniture, so you may need to use another method, such as steaming. Scrub any suspected areas with window cleaner or liquid Oxygen products to loosen eggs. Oxyclean is a good choice.

Clean the room, including windows, cracks and crevices. These products are usually ammonia base, which kills bed bugs and eggs. Do not use straight ammonia. It is a dangerous product, especially to asthmatics. Thoroughly vacuum everything! Remove the vacuum bag right away, place in zip lock and dispose of the bag otherwise the bugs will escape from the vacuum.

Throw all furniture you intend to throw away at this point. Some furniture can be saved by using mattress and couch protectors.

Day 3: Clean carpets in bedroom and living area, or remove it. If you have a steamer, steam everything at this point. (Not windows in the winter, they could crack)

Day 4: Call Accurate Pest Control to treat for Bed Bugs. 

Accurate Pest Control May Refuse Treat the apartment if we feel the treatment will not be effective due to areas being not prepared! Your cooperation is required and appreciated in the steps to make your home comfortable!