About Bedbugs


Bedbug Identification

There are many signs of bedbugs that lead to the identification of bedbugs in your home.  This is what the common bedbug looks like.



If you see black spots that look like this on your sheets, mattress, box springs or walls, they are likely to be bedbug excrement, which is a direct sign of bedbugs.  These signs need to be addressed immediately.  


Bedbug Bites

Bedbugs feed on blood and need it for survival.  Bites on your skin may be signs of bedbugs or an allergic rash may occur.  These signs or symptoms should not be ignored.  An inspection should be done immediately.  If a rash occurs, seek medical advice.   


Good Indications

Bedbug signs in your home:

-corners of ceiling and wall above your bed will show excrement

-behind pictures and curtains will also show signs of excrement

-roaches will also leave excrement that is similar to bedbug excrement

-thorough inspection will be needed to determine which pest we are dealing with


One of the worst Bed Bug infestations we have ever seen!